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Realtor Packages 

Applies to listed properties in the following NJ counties:

Ocean,Burlington,Monmouth,Mercer,Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon      

All descriptions, prices and terms apply to single family homes, condos, townhomes listed for sale or rent in a New Jersey Multiple Listing Service (MLS), circulated or un-circulated

Photo Only Package  --Please call for pricing

  • Twenty five (25) digital photos, interior and exterior                 
  •   Order by Text: 732-261-2569


Premium Virtual Tour  $110.00


for properties up to 2500 square feet

  •     Twenty five (25) digital photos, interior and exterior
  •     Photos emailed to listing Agent within 24 hours
  •     Edited into a Virtual Tour presentation
  •     Background music, looped with 3 songs
  •     Branded and Unbranded (MLS) versions
  •     Uploaded to real estate websites
  •     Printable color flyer
  •     Lead Grabber with EMail Trapper
  •     Weekly Tour Traffic Reports
  •     Agent Dashboard and "My Gallery"
  •     YouTube video
  •     Printable color flyer
  •     E-Brochure (which can be e-mailed to multiple  addresses)                                                                                       

 Up to 3000 Square Feet:  $130.00

 Up to 3500 Square Feet:  $150.00

 Up to 4000 Square Feet:  $185.00

Properties more than 4000 SF:  Call for pricing  (732) 941-4109



Order by Text: 732-261-2569   or  609-661-1241

Virtual Tour Package Upgrades

  • Panorama (360 degrees)  $35.00

    Virtual Staging  $45.00/scene


Property Specific Websites: Give your virtual tours a real presence on the web with an interactive site. These websites contain your full interactive virtual tour with enhanced listing features.

Add to any JVT Virtual Tour

Single Property Website.......$20.00

Location Photography of All Types

The Bill of Rights Arch

Perth Amboy Marina

                    Order by Text: 732-261-2569

 In addition to our Best In The Industry Virtual Tours, JVT also offers

  • Location  photography:  high resoultion digial images suitable for web pages and print media . Please call (732) 261-2569 for rates         SAMPLES

  • Event Photography: do you have a special event coming up?  Family Reunion? kids birthday party? Sporting event? Let JVT take the pictures of your family and friends..candid, natural photos to save your most memorable events. (Location rates apply)           .  
  • Photos on T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, etc.    SAMPLES
  • Digital Photo Shows: A CD/DVD of your favorite photos, digital or film, in a remarkable presentation with audio and effects.Perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, etc.                                       Please call (732) 261-2569 for rates           SAMPLE
  • Video: Video presentations for personal promotions (Realtors, Business Owners, Professionals, Teams, etc), Property or product promotions and Special Events. JVT will produce a 30-180 second digital video, suitable for website uploads and CD/DVDs                                                                                   
  •  Please call for complete details   SAMPLE
  • Freelance Photography: for various requirements. Please call. 
  • Creative Photography: Enhanced and edited digital images..some unusual, some not. SAMPLES

 Virtual Tour Distribution

Virtual tour syndication just makes sense. You know that when you generate more exposure for your listings, they are likely to sell quicker and at a higher dollar value. Who has the time to re-enter a single real estate listing into hundreds of syndication and distribution systems? Most people do not and that is why [Your Company Name] has direct access to the PicturePath™ distribution portal through Realtor.com and Move.com (formerly Homestore Inc.) we are authorized to feed ANY real estate virtual tour with a valid MLS number to the websites listed below free of charge as longs as the listing agent is a showcase member of Move.com/Realtor.com.

Move.com applies a charge for each real estate virtual tour sent from us to these sites if the Realtor is a non-showcase member. The fee is waived if the Realtor is a showcase member with Move.com. If you are not a showcase member and would like your virtual tour sent to Realtor.com we apply a $24.00 fee at the time of your tour order and your tour will instantly be send to Realtor.com and 90 other websites upon upload!! Yes 90 other sites!!

Over 90 other sites
Realtor.com Approved Vendor

Over 90 other sitesTour Discs: Give your clients something they will remember. Tour Discs are a unique marketing tool that is the perfect upgrade to your [Company Name] Virtual Tours! Available on CD or DVD, have [Company Name], create a custom disc of your virtual tour with a slideshow for distribution. Tour Discs are great for sales centers, open houses, investor opportunities, and much more. Leave your customers remembering what you have to offer by handing them out as a keepsake for your client and even as a business card!

                                             Pricing: we're continuously seeking out the BEST prices for our  valuable clients..Please call  (732) 941-4109    or  (732) 261-2569  for a quote


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