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51 South Street Milltown


51 South Street
Milltown, NJ 08850

25 Twin Rivers Drive North East Windsor


25 Twin Rivers Drive North
East Windsor, NJ 08520

29 Dogwood Drive Whitehouse Station


29 Dogwood Drive
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

19 Kingsridge Road Frenchtown


19 Kingsridge Road
Frenchtown, NJ 08825

310 Rocky Run Road Califon


310 Rocky Run Road
Califon, NJ 07830

14 Yates Avenue Somerset


14 Yates Avenue
Somerset, NJ 08873

77 Nostrand Road Hillsborough


77 Nostrand Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

29 Campbell Road Hillsborough


29 Campbell Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

15 Bray Court Somerset


15 Bray Ct
Somerset, NJ 08873

68 Saratoga Court Somerset


68 Saratoga Court
Somerset, NJ 08873

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Scheduling and Cancellation Policies and Procedures

Jersey Virtual Tours Co, Inc (herein referred to as JVT Photography, JVT Photo, JVTFOTO or JVT) Scheduling and Cancellation Policies

  • All requests to schedule a photography shoot must be made via: Telephone call, with a confirming text message, OR a text message with a confirming text, OR an E-mail with a confirming E-mail or text message   
  • Voice Mail Messages left on our OFFICE telephone (732-941-4109) must be confirmed via text message or E-mail.
  • JVT will make very effort to accommodate a "short notice" appointment request, but we cannot guarantee availability.

Office: 732-941-4109        Chelsea's Cell 609-661-1241    Frank's Cell 732-261-2569   E-mail: Frank@JVTFoto.com

All confirmed appointments require a valid credit card.

The property which is to be photographed must be PHOTO READY upon our arrival. We will not move furniture, boxes, clutter,trash or anything else which should not be in the scene to be photographed. If a property is not photo ready, the photographer will allow a MAXIMUM TIME OF TEN (10) MINUTES during which the PROPERTY can be cleared and made photo ready. Beyond 10 minutes, there is a $10.00 additional fee for each 10 minute period beyond the initial 10 minutes. The photographer will not wait more than thirty (30) minutes total time for a property to be prepared. If the photographer must leave after 30 minutes, the FULL original quoted price is payable and not refundable.

All appointments are scheduled on the half hour. Photographer arrive at the property within a THIRTY MINUTE WINDOW, allowing for traffic and other delays. If the photographer is running late, he/she will contact the client via cell phone.


A photo shoot must be canceled at least twenty four hours prior to the scheduled time, except for unforeseen circumstances beyond the client's control. (A seller/homeowner who does not show up at the scheduled time, or changes the appointment time, for any reason without advising US or our photographer is not considered an unforeseen circumstance) In the event that the photographer cannot photograph the property, in its entirety, at the agreed to time (within the 30 minute window), due to the actions or inaction of the client or the seller/homeowner, then the original quoted price, in full is payable and not refundable. 


Other circumstances which prevent our photographer from photographing a property include, but are not limited to:

  • The property is...
  • under construction and not safe to enter
  • under construction and not ready to be photographed 
  • under construction and not accessible
  • not sufficiently prepared and not photo ready
  • not accessible due to a client's, builder's or seller/homeowner's legal or contractual issues
  • labor or union issues
  • inaccessible for ANY reason, including lockboxes and keys not installed or placed or no lockbox combination provided 
  • inaccessible due to hazardous conditions including snow not removed, flooding, or mud, or downed wires or trees, or trash or debris, or unsafe steps/stairs/porches
  • disputes involving a client and a seller/homeowner
  • governmental regulatory issues involving inspections, permits, and/or safety hazards
  • disputes involving a property and environmental, political, religious or activist groups
  • any and all issues which prevent us, through no fault of ours, from photographing a property

All fees are be payable, in full in the event that any of the above apply, and our photographer cannot gain access to the property.